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Recommended Products for Kittens and Cats

Are you a proud cat parent or thinking of bringing a new feline friend into your home? Whether you’re a seasoned cat lover or a first-time kitten caregiver, providing the best products for your furry companions is essential to ensure their well-being and happiness.

The following are some of my (and the sanctuary cats’) favorite products.

Toys & Furniture

  • Cat Spring Toys – Nearly every cat or kitten I’ve fostered have loved these springs. This pack gives you 100 of these fun-filled simple toys.
  • Multi-Level Large Cat Tree – Great for larger cats.
  • Cat Window Perch – The Sanctuary cats absolutely LOVE this window seat. I’ve seen four sleeping on it at one time, all piled together.
  • Interactive 4-Tier Cat Track Toy – We’ve used both the three-level and four-level. Both kittens and adults love this toy. It also works well for our special needs cats who have trouble walking.
  • Catnip Pillow Kicker – Our cats love these so much!

General Supplies

  • Large Metal Cat Litter Box – I love the metal boxes with even sides and bottom. They are easy to scoop and easy to clean and sanitize. Plastic is too porous. Viruses and bacteria can get trapped in plastic.
  • Sifting Cat Litter Scoop – I prefer to use the sifting style of scooper. It works well and quickly.

Medical, Supplements, etc

Orphan Kitten Supplies

Kitten Enclosures

  • Tespo Pet Playpen – This pen works great for kittens under 6 weeks old. They are unable to climb the plastic sides. It keeps kittens contained until they are large enough to jump and reach the tops of the panels. For young kittens the panels can be used horizontally, and then turned the other way and made taller for older kittens.

Supplies for Stray Cats

  • Heated Water Bowl – I’ve used this for one winter so far and it worked great throughout the entire season.